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Need COVID-19 Disinfecting?

Located in Flint Michigan, Atek Services LLC is a disinfecting service specializing in COVID-19 disinfecting. Furthermore, Atek offers its disinfecting services to all of Mid-Michigan and Southeastern Michigan.

Atek’s disinfecting products are hospital-grade disinfectants used for COVID-19 sanitizing.  This is a bleach-free all-purpose cleaning process which is strong, sustainable, and smells better than bleach. Our COVID-19 disinfecting solution will not harm your floor finishes or stain your clothes.

Our disinfecting equipment produces electrically charged droplets that provide a more efficient coverage of surfaces in a variety environments compared to traditional sanitation methods.  This will provide superior coverage for your business or home.

Our disinfecting crews can cover a large area in minutes, so school classrooms, public restrooms, cafeterias, kitchens, equipment rooms, offices, waiting rooms, and even vehicles can all be treated efficiently. Because surfaces are coated evenly, wiping is not required regularly, only periodically to keep surfaces polished.

Our disinfection methods are used by hospitals, major airlines such as United Airlines, national chain restaurants and many more!

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